Objectives and target groups

The objectives of InTeaM4IEd are to:  

  • Provide teachers and trainers with appropriate competences and effective resources and educational methodologies to apply with students with ASD
  • Empower teachers with tools and methodologies to develop a personalized learner-centred training path and create a more inclusive learning environment
  • Increase the professionalism and employability of students, especially those with ASD and offer them equal educational and employability opportunities
  • Support ASD students in acquiring new skills and developing new sectoral competencies
  • Contribute to create an innovative and inclusive methodology for teachers in the hospitality sector
  • Create a network of schools, teachers, ASD students and their peers, families, who will use the application for educational purposes as well as interpersonal/communication ones
  • Encourage the participation of ADS students in VET Programs

The target groups of the project are:

  • Teachers and trainers
  • Students with ASD and not
  • Peers and family members of the ASD students

Project Results

The project is progressed around three Project Results (PRs).

Project Result 1: InTeaM4IEd skills and competences Model

The ultimate objective of this PR is to provide a clear methodology applied for the definition and identification of competences done by Partners from five countries (IT, NL, PT, GR, ES), considering the requirement of the current labour market. PR1 emphasizes on the potential of emerging sectoral skills and competences that can be acquired by ASD students in disadvantaged position, facilitating the creation of new forms of work and boosting cross-border opportunities. The most relevant skills and competences will be identified directly investigating with sector experts according to the labour market requirements. Therefore, PR1 will enhance ASD students’ competences, their employability and their integration in the labour market and will emphasize the transparency and recognition of skills.  

Project Result 2: F.H.E.M.T. – Flexible and Hybrid Educational Methodology and Tools

This PR2 will create a flexible methodology and tools, the hybrid character that will be applied in diverse contexts, even in the presence of unpredictable situations. This innovative, hybrid and flexible methodology – F.H.E.M.T. – considers a range of processes and practices, integrating individualized content with digital, flexible and manipulatable content. These are the indispensable skills for the teacher of the future, who questions their role and methods in order to ensure meaningful learning. The new methodology will consider the following principles:

  • Addressing individual differences
  • Motivating pupils, especially those with ASD
  • Avoid information overload
  • Creating realistic contexts
  • Encouraging interaction and reflection
  • Providing ready-to-run tasks  

Project Result 3: InTeaM4IEd App

The original element of this PR consists of  designing, deploying and using  an innovative and integrated AI driven chatbot, tailored to ASD students’ needs. The introduction of this cutting-edge technology will enable skills development, enhance motivation to learn and improve the concentration of students with autism. With assistive technology, the project will offer schools the possibility to create more inclusive classrooms and empower students with disabilities to participate and possibly complete the general education curriculum. This AI based application will be developed to maximise its transferability and to facilitate its use in different contexts, by different stakeholders in formal, non-formal and informal education. Moreover, the F.H.E.M.T., the guidelines for teachers, students and families will be integrated into the developed application which will allow its easy transfer to any other modern application tool.

Expected results

  1. Competency mapping of new emerging skills and competences and               labour expectations within the Hospitality sector
  2. New practices to cater for the needs of vulnerable groups of students such as those with ASD
  3. Innovative approaches and methodologies for hospitality schools’ teachers to address ADS students
  4. Increased opportunity for professional development for teachers in hospitality schools
  5. Enhance ASD students’ sector specific competences in line with the labour market requirement
  6. Increase professionality and employability of students, in particular those with ASD creating new employability skills in the hospitality sector in Europe.
  7. Foster ASD students’ integration in VET programs
  8. Promoting education and training as a means of social inclusion and equal opportunities
  9. Increase job competitiveness, with greater inclusion of ADS individuals in labour market
  10. Enhance networking among key stakeholders represented by both full and associated partners such as Hospitality schools/VET providers, enterprises and NGOs active in local communities in order to improve their communication and create a convergence of interests
  11. Involve and commit relevant stakeholders in the project activities, from designing to validation of products, and in their use and application
  12. Raise awareness of the value and importance of inclusive education at local, national and EU level
  13. Collect and disseminate good practices, experience and knowledge to be shared from Partner countries with more inclusive education to less ones in order to strengthen awareness and knowledge of innovative teaching methods in hospitality schools
  14. Stimulate and disseminate project results at EU level to promote its future application in other geographical areas, as effective way to ensure its impact and continuity.


THE PROJECT IS FROM  01/02/2022 TO 31/07/2024